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Aardvark Excavating, a licensed complex installer in Teton County, Idaho, & Madison County, MT, is your trusted utility contractor in the Big Sky area.

Specializing in septic installation, advanced water systems, power trenches, and certified power systems, they ensure your projects meet local regulations and environmental standards. With a skilled team and years of experience, Aardvark Excavating delivers safe and efficient solutions for residential and commercial needs.

Aardvark Excavating guarantees compliance with local regulations, while their certified team excels in water treatment, distribution, and conservation, using cutting-edge technology to optimize water usage. Aardvark also specializes in power trenches, ensuring precise and safe electrical system installations that meet all codes.

Their expertise extends to certified power systems, ensuring a reliable electrical supply, and they handle installation, maintenance, and repairs to industry standards. Count on Aardvark Excavating for high-quality and safe utility projects, making them the ideal choice for all your needs in septic installation, advanced water systems, power trenching, and certified power systems.


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