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Bridge Construction

Bridge construction is challenging for several reasons, but especially when the bridge you are building is located a half mile into the woods. We have built many bridges over the years and this one was typical in most other ways. We used an army corp. of engineers plan as the basis, which utilizes precast concrete blocks, steel I-beams and in this case hemlock beams.

This bridge is for a customer building a fishing cabin deep into a property in Johnson, VT. The road to the new building site was also part of this job. In order to get to the site we needed to cross several streams of various size. This particular crossing was best suited for a bridge and the customer was enthusiastic about including one. We dug deep into the hill on either side of the stream to lay the first foundation course of precast blocks, finishing up over 12 feet above the stream. We used and excavator to bring the long, heavy steel beams out into the woods to build the sub-deck. Next we brought out the 50 or so Hemlock beams to create the decking to drive over. Final touches included rust proofing the beams and adding large stones to protect the footings from flooding. The customer was very happy with the completed project and we were happy to deliver on this demanding job.

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