Bridge Construction

Aardvark Excavating is much more then just land clearing and site work. Our full service contracting includes construction of bridges in any location.

Owner Bill Hayes learned a lot in Boulder, Colorado from the Army core of engineers assisting FEMA during the 2013 floods. Using approved plans and methods Bill rebuilt and installed new bridges in areas destroyed by massive flooding. Bill brought this knowledge and experience back here to Vermont where we continue bridge building.

We use laser accuracy and practiced precision to build bridges with almost  unlimited load capacity. Our large excavators are capable of digging deep, stable footings made from structural precast concrete. The structural sub-deck of the bridges is built from industrial steel beams capable to bearing huge loads. The surface of the bridge can be made of iron-like Hemlock or concrete depending on your choice. We have experience building bridges over rivers or even miles into the wilderness.

Give us your needs and we will design a bridge that will last a lifetime.



Examples of some of our most recent projects.


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