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Cell Tower

One of our specialties at Aardvark Excavating is cell phone tower site creation and soup to nuts contracting including final tower erection ready to use. Cell phone companies are constantly trying to increase service quality and service area for all of us using our mobile devices. Nobody likes seeing the towers and so they are generally built in the middle of nowhere up on some hillside. We start with a set of plans detailing the road leading to the tower site, tower foundation specs and all the other assorted details such as electrical schematics.

Cell towers are generally rented to several service providers in order to be financially viable and so these carriers must be able to access the towers in large work trucks. This means that a heavy-duty gravel road must be constructed to get to the tower base. Aardvark Excavating has gained a reputation as one of the best tower contractors in the NE due to our expertise constructing roads in challenging areas.

This particular tower site was in Marlborough, NH. The proposed structure was to be located behind a trailer park in a heavily wooded area. Our first step was to build the road foundation out to the tower location so that we could bring in our equipment. Land clearing is much aided by large excavators so that we can control where the tree falls and quickly move the usable trunks out of the way and load the rest into our wood chipper. Next we clear all debris out of the way in an area directly where the foundation will be dug. These tall towers are held up by a large amount of concrete and we dug a 25 foot square deep hole for the foundation. After concrete was poured we continued site work by burying the foundation and preparing to raise the tower. With the use of a crane the tower is raised in one day. It is always a good feeling to see the tower go up after all the prep work. After the tower goes up we finish grade the site, add stone, a fence and then finish the road on our way out. These large projects are fun, challenging and we always get excited to do cell tower work.


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