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Aardvark excavating is your premier excavation contractor in Jackson and Teton Valley.

Based out of Victor, ID we offer commercial and residential excavation services. Give us a call today to get the process started with a free quote!

Aardvark Excavating LLC, with headquarters located in Victor Idaho, specializes in residential site development.  We offer excavation and civil design as well as execution of these services.  Aardvark is a licensed complex sanitation installer in both Teton and Maddison Counties, and offers free quotes associated with these systems. We perform most all of our operations in house from site clearing and heavy transport, to final grade and hardscape applications.  Aardvark is a leader in safety with only one minor injury in over two decades of operations.  Personalized service is provided to the client, whether that be a builder or landowner in real time, and access to the owner is only a phone call away. Aardvark has been in business for over 20 years, and we have the privilege of building and developing many new raw land sites. it has been a pleasure to see so many happy customers and help them with their dream of building a home.

By no force other than that of pure nature we have assimilated our fleet of equipment to vertically integrate the process of residential site development from a raw land site to a site that is ready to build. Land clearing, ledge removal, and trucking are all within our primary scope and we have incorporated those services in-house to provide a seamless and timely experience to the customer.

Excavation and the limits of what you do with today’s technology continue to grow and with that, so do our services. Over the last decade, new specialty attachments and advancements like 3-D programming and CAT grade control have opened new doors in the excavation industry and we here at Aardvark have been on the cutting edge of bringing those developments in technology and equipment to the front lines of your job site.

Our portfolio speaks for itself, and direct links to customer reviews are available below. We are happy to offer free estimates for any potential project. Owner Bill Hayes will offer expert analysis and advice to save you time and money.

Examples of some of our most recent excavating projects

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