Land Clearing

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Land clearing is the removal of trees, brush, and all debris and the subsequent stumping and final grading of undeveloped property.

The process takes overgrown areas and prepares them for finished landscaping, home construction, farming, or other uses. Aardvark Excavating specializes in this service and has years of experience in all manners of land clearing. Our fleet of machines is perfectly suited to remove the largest trees, stumps, and boulders. We are capable of disposing of all debris from a site and leaving behind a perfectly graded, clean ready-to-use parcel of land.

Aardvark Excavating offers a multitude of land-clearing services from forestry mulching to complete large timber felling and stump removal.  Lot clearing and forestry and view enhancements are common place on most of our excavation sites.  Whether you are planning a large solar field or simply clearing a small building envelope, Aardvark excavating is equipt to handle the project.

Tree Services

Bill Hayes, the owner of Aardvark Excavating is an experienced Arborist, and has more than 10 years of experience climbing, cutting, and removing trees.

We can send a climber high up to lower branches and the tree trunk down safely in sensitive areas above your house or other places where precision is paramount. Using our excavators, dump trucks, and Vermeer wood chipper we remove any and all materials including stumps leaving a smooth graded, and level surface ready for grass or garden.

We specialize in large tree removal, but can easily clear large areas of smaller trees and brush. Stumps are something that customers often ask about since many companies aren’t capable of complete removal. Whether it’s a whole tree that needs to be taken out or just an annoying stump left behind by others we can completely remove stumps and finish grade the area.

Please contact us for a free consult and estimate on your land clearing project, anything from a small patch behind your house to many acres, we are happy to be of service.

Examples of some of our most recent land-clearing projects

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